Saturday, 14 April 2012


      Tengah hari tadi aku pergi ke Nilai berjumpa dengan kawan FB beli flashlight. Aku dah lama ushar flashlight ni dan review dia sekali, so lepas ni boleh cover event dah nih...hahahahaa...

Spec SB800 :

Flash exposure control : 1) i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with Nikon D2H and D70 Digital SLR's. i-TTL flash with Nikon Coolpix 8800 and Coolpix 8400
2) D-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with Nikon with Nikon D1 series or Nikon D100
3) TTL Auto Flash with many film SLRs, including the Nikon F5, F100, F80 (N80), F75 (N75), F65 (N65) and FM3A,
4) Auto Aperture Flash [AA],
5) Non-TTL Auto Flash [A] with many film SLRs, including the Nikon F55 (N55) and FM10
6) Manual Flash [M]
Guide number (ISO 100, m/ft.) : 38/125 (at 35mm) to 56/184 (at 105mm)
Flash coverage: Automatic 24 to 105mm zoom; 
14/17mm with built-in wide flash adapter; 
14mm with Diffusion Dome SW-10H
Bounce capability: Flash head tilts down to -7 degree or up to 90 degree ; flash head rotates horizontally 180 degree to the left or 90 degree to the right
Power switch: ON/OFF button provided
Film speed range in TTL auto flash mode: ISO 25 to 1,000
Minimum recycling time: Approx. 2.7 seconds (manual, w/R6 (AA)-size Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries, with Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800) Approx. 6 sec. [manual w/FR6 (AA-size Lithium batteries)]
Minimum number of flashes: Approx. 150 (Alkaline, Ni-MH batteries)
Power source: Four 1.5V LR6 (AA-size alkaline), 1.2V KR-AA (AA-size NiCd) or 1.5V FR6 (AA-size lithium) batteries;
Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800 holds a fifth AA-size battery for faster power recycling
DC Unit SD-7 (optional)*1*2; 
Battery Pack SD-8A (optional)*2 
*1 SD-7 is not available in European countries. 
*2 SD-7/8 cannot be used with the SB-800 sold in European countries
Weight (without batteries): Approx. 350g (12.3 oz.)
Supplied accessories: Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800 [for one R6(AA)-size battery]
Speedlight Stand AS-19
Colored Filter Set SJ-800 (FL-G1 and TN-A1)
Diffusion Dome SW-10H
Soft Case SS-800
Dimensions (W x H x D) : Approx. 70.6 x 127.4 x 91.7 mm / 2.8 x 5.0 x 3.6 in


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